Working with Me


Step one:

When you inquire with me, you can expect a response within 24 hours in the method you prefer.  At that time, we can discuss what you are looking for, and any questions or concerns you may have.


Please don’t delay in booking your event with me. I get multiple inquiries for the same date, and I will go with the first retainer and service agreement I receive. There is a $250 or 50% non-refundable retainer (whichever is less) required to reserve Danielle Perry Beauty for your date.  I will send you an invoice through PayPal or Venmo (your choice) and a service agreement through DocuSign.


Step two:

We will schedule a time for your design trial. The preference will be the same time of day as your wedding, so you can see your look in the correct lighting. During the appointment, we discuss your skin and care routine, colors or themes you may have, and what you ultimately want your look to be.  We will build your look together by exploring eye shadow colors, and foundation (I use airbrush and traditional) to be sure you feel like “you”.  We will go over the option of lashes to be sure your eyes are comfortable.  Once we have achieved your desired look, we will take photos, and document colors/placement on a face chart to ensure your application runs smoothly on your big day.


Step three:

As we get closer to your date, I will coordinate the schedule with your wedding planner (if you are using one), photographer, and hair stylist to help the day run smooth.


A week prior to your date, I will check in to get any last-minute updates, and any additional logistics I may need to know.


The Big Day:

I will plan to arrive 15 to 30 minutes before I am scheduled to start.  That will give me a chance to get acquainted with the space and time to set up.  Then we will begin in the order we have chosen ahead of time.  You will be given a small bag of touch-up products to keep with you, as well as touch-up lip color for all of the party I worked with.


Once you are dressed, I will do any final touch-ups for you to be sure your look is perfect.  From this point, unless you have hired me through first look or photos pre-ceremony, I will leave you to have a beautiful day.



Thank you so much for your interest and I am looking forward to helping to make your day perfect!