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Hands on Education:

- Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics: License 2007- current

- Shadow Beneath the Skin with AJ Crimson

- Simplicity of Beauty with James Vincent

- Color Theory Revolution with Terri Tomlinson

- Airbrush 101 with Sylvia Pichler

- Incorporating Airbrush for Editorial with Aga Rhodes

- Incorporating Airbrush for Bridal with Joanne McDonough

- Business and Beauty of Bridal with Joanne McDonough

- Evolution:The Powder Group with James Vincent, Bethany

Townes and Joe Dulude II

- Makeup Media Frenzy with Jordan Liberty

- Makeup for Photography with Yvonne MacInnis

- The Artistry Series with Moises Ramirez

- Makeup 101 with James Vincent and Bethany Townes

- Picture Perfect Bride with Joanne McDonough

- Bridal Editorial with Aga Rhodes

- The Progressive Edge with William Edge

- A Study of Dimension and Texture with Alphonse Wiebelt

- Editorial Beauty: Mapping and Masking with Sheila McKenna and Jackie Van Riet

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