New York Fashion Week Feb 2020

- Roots x Boy Meets Girl

- Artistix Fashion curated by Andy Hilfiger

(Key Artists: James Vincent and Bethany Townes)

New York Fashion Week Sept 2019

- Studio 189 by Rosario Dawson

- Orange Culture

- Revival Swimwear 

(Key Artists: James Vincent and Danessa Myricks)

Style Week Northeast Sept 2019

- Jeena Ercolini

-Tatyana Ayriyan

- Mikayla Frick

- Angelica Timas

- Carissa Lynne

- Arianna Nicola Designs

- Chris Rogers

- Devinto

- Brianna Moon

- Anna Lemley

- Peach Carr

(Key Artist: Holly Dalton)

Style Week Northeast Feb 2019

- Boanerge Nazario

- Tallulah and Poppy

- Mikayla Frick

- Amy Page DeBlasio

- Spark Bridal

- Aldo's House of Formals

- Candice Wu Couture

- Arianna Nicola

(Key artist: Holly Dalton)

NYFW Couture 2018

- P'lo  (Nancy Jullok)

- Mak Cun

- V Hijrah

(Key artists: Tami Bernard and Ashley West)

Style Week Northeast 2018

- Clothes Horse Clothing

- Rose and Thread

- Lalla Bee

(Key artist: Holly Dalton)

Steeped in Style at Boston Public Library

-Shaco Couture

(Key artist: Donna Sousa)


Local TV Personalites:

Chirin Ashkar- The New You Show 

Alexandra Coppa- Miss Rhode Island 2018


New Hampshire Magazine

-July 2019 and August 2019

Boston Magazine

-August 2020

Swing Juice

-Animus Studios November 2021